Our intensive and multi-tiered security assessment allows us to evaluate your system for any potential breaching areas vulnerable to attack. We use an adaptive and hacker-based approach that investigates every possible angle of your cybersecurity to ensure your protection.

Security Assessment Based Services

We offer value-based services that determine the strength of your cybersecurity not only through rigorous testing and investigation, but also through actionable reporting that improves your security to prevent against cyber-attack.

Our penetrative approach, also known as a pen test, allows us to uncover any area of concern that may be susceptible to attack from hackers or other illegitimate sources of access. We leave no stone unturned and take every possible measure to test your security in a uniquely hacker-based fashion. Knowing how malicious entities may gain access to your sensitive material helps you prevent against any potential future attack.


Vulnerability Assessment

We use an authoritative and intensely investigative approach in being able to identify and manage security risks before they happen.

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Network And Server Environment Testing

We continuously serve to detect and understand any potential cybersecurity events, especially those aimed at harmful access.

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Penetration Testing

Are leaders in the practice of penetration testing, well versed in the nature of the various types of cyberattack including brute force and hacking.

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Red Team

Our red team assessments will show how quickly and effectively your business can respond to threats.

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Infrastructure Testing

The Spentera team will help instill and implement various security controls to reduce the securityasd risks we have

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Social Engineering Testing

In the information security chain, people are often the weakest link. While there is no fixed method for people assessment testing, we use a baseline testing that includes.

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Our Approach

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