Vulnerability Assessment

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Vulnerability testing is the process of determining which parts of your network, applications, or business are vulnerable to cyberattacks. Some of the ways that we assess the vulnerability of your systems include the following services.

Digital Forensics

One of our key cybersecurity services for businesses like yours is digital forensic investigations. This specific service takes a closer look at any accidental or malicious misuses of your company’s data and IT systems. By conducting comprehensive security assessments, we’ll be able to investigate what type of security breaches occurred and how they might have impacted your business. We’ll be able to tell you whether the breach came from inside or outside your company, why it occurred, and whether you risk losing valuable intellectual property due to these different threats. Our dedicated cybersecurity team will also provide you with concrete evidence should you need it.

How We Analyze the Forensic
Data We Discover

We’ve got a triple treat solution to detecting and analyzing patterns of financial fraud. We do this by analyzing large, structured data sets. Structured data, in this case, refers to any data obtained from different application systems and their supporting databases. We not only have the skills to extract the data that we need, but we also have the insight and experience needed to truly understand what it means and how we can use this new information to our advantage.

Our unique cybersecurity risk management team for fraud detection consists of three highly skilled experts, namely:

  • An experienced team member with company-specific insight
  • A data analyst who will write queries and perform technical steps
  • A forensic scientist who can recognize the patterns of financial fraud

Handling and Responding to Incidents

Once we’ve discovered your vulnerabilities, it’s time to handle and respond to them. Even if your business doesn’t have the intrusion analysis solutions or skills you need to handle a security breach, that’s alright. Our team is ready and waiting to provide you with the incident response and recovery services you need to handle the incident as quickly as possible, without disrupting your daily operations.

Thanks to our comprehensive security assessments, we’ll be able to answer any questions you might have about a potential or suspected security breach or incident.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, which is why our incident response procedures are tailored to suit your unique organization. However, we do have a set list of objectives and goals that we strive to achieve with each response procedure, and these are:

  • To verify that the incident happened
  • To minimize the damage caused by the incident
  • To determine how the incident happened
  • To prevent similar incidents from happening again
  • To improve the company’s security and incident response
  • To take legal action when necessary
  • To inform and educate top level management about the incident and how it was handled

Incident Response and Intrusion Analysis

When it comes to cybersecurity risk management, you need to be fast to stop cyber-attacks that compromise your corporate or personal data. We know exactly how to conduct an intrusion analysis as quickly as possible. That’s not all though. We make sure that you have the support you need to implement effective intrusion analysis solutions and data protection.

Our computer and network security experts follow a proven and effective process that allows us to respond to incidents systematically and reliably. Not only does this help us educate your team members on how to prevent cybersecurity attacks in the future, but it also protects your business from any potential legal issues that might come into play - without disrupting your services or operations in the process.

Our Solutions

We provide our valued clients with the computer and network security they need, when they need it. By gathering, investigating, and testing data, we’re able to draw accurate conclusions about past and potential security breaches. Our dedicated cybersecurity team will be able to tell you who attacked you, why they did it, where and when it happened, and beyond.

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