Red Team

Respond. React. Protect.

Our red team assessments will show how quickly and effectively your business can respond to threats. Red team assessments are much like penetration testing. However, red teaming, as it’s known in the industry, is a much more targeted approach to pinpointing the vulnerabilities of your systems, websites, mobile applications, and more. By relying on different methodologies, we’ll be able to model potential threats and show you how to mitigate them as quickly as possible.

Application Security

This service is implemented while developing new applications that focus on making cybersecurity risk management an integral part of their design. From the developmental to the production phases, we’ll conduct comprehensive security assessments of the application’s exposure and potential risks. With our range of revolutionary cybersecurity tools and techniques, you’ll be able to lower the overall risk of your application and your development environment.

Web Application Testing

We ensure the highest level of computer and network security by testing your applications for weaknesses and trying to exploit them. In doing so, we’ll gain valuable insight into which aspects of your application needs to be strengthened. Based on the OWASP Testing Guide, our methodology covers a variety of different tactics, including:

  • SQL injection
  • Forgery requests
  • Error flow applications
  • Other zero-day test techniques

Mobile Application Testing

We’ve created our mobile testing methodology based on various research-driven guides. Three of these guides include the OWASP ASVS (Application Security Verification Standard) and the standard OWASP Testing Guide Methodology. Our cybersecurity risk management services also include validation and verification across several major control groups. To do this, we rely on cryptography (which includes authentication and authorization), access control, session management, and malicious input validation.

How We Assess Your Applications

Once we have everything we need to know and access, we’ll assess your applications’ security using:

Manual and semi-automated scanning

Our team knows that false positives are a reality when using automated tools to test against vulnerabilities. That’s why we use a combination of different scanning methods instead of pure automated scanning. This means that we can provide you with more comprehensive results.

Manual exploit research and testing

Before using exploitation tools that might harm your databases or networks, we’ll make sure that you fully understand the process and its potential outcomes before we start testing or exploiting different vulnerabilities.

Threat Modelling

Being able to accurately model any threats faced by your applications is what gives our dedicated cybersecurity team the ability to provide you with the security and insight you need to protect your assets.

Because we know how to conduct an intrusion analysis as effectively as possible, we’re able to accurately predict which assets might be attacked, what their values are, and how your business will be affected if they are attacked.

Our threat modelling service includes:

  • Meeting with industry experts to discuss the subject matter in depth
  • Reviewing schema, specifications, and design documentation
  • Compiling your collected data
  • Planning and testing an attack scenario

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