Network and Server Environment Testing

Prevention is Better Than Cure

To effectively test your different networks and servers, we cannot simply rely on automated tools to test or identify vulnerabilities or risks. These automated tools can’t interpret misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, or even exposed services. It is merely a baseline. So, to make sure that we can realize the results we set out to achieve, we rely on the information that we gathered before-hand. With this valuable information, we can:

  • Make sure that only authorized services are exposed in a predetermined perimeter
  • Try to bypass authentication controls from every network segment
  • Determine the risk and vulnerability of each service
  • Show you the possibility of different attacks while trying to break into your servers or

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Network And Server Environment Testing

We continuously serve to detect and understand any potential cybersecurity events, especially those aimed at harmful access.

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Red Team

Our team is well positioned to respond to and help you recover from any cybersecurity incidents that may occur.

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Social Engineering Testing

In the information security chain, people are often the weakest link. While there is no fixed method for people assessment testing, we use a baseline testing that includes.

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