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Handling a cyber security breach can be a nightmare, especially if your company does not have an in-house IT security team. Spentera offers our expertise in incident response covering intrusion analysis and recovering. Our Incident Response team tries to bring an incident under control within the shortest possible time and strives to trace and evict the culprit without hampering routine activities.

Incident Response Service help customers combat cyber attacks and crime. This security tools helps respond quickly to potential malicious attacks that can lead to service disruptions. When a customer suspects that their system has been compromised, Spentera incident assessment service can help answer that question.

Our Approach

Incident response procedures vary depending on specific organization of business functions, information technology, public information, law enforcement, etc. Below are the example objectives that should be included in those processes to ensure appropriate responses to security-related incidents.

  • Verify that an incident occurred
  • Reduce the incident impact
  • Determine how the attack was done or the incident happened
  • Prevent future attacks or incidents
  • Improve security and incident response
  • Prosecute illegal activity
  • Keep top level management informed of the situation and response

Incident Response and Intrusion Analysis

Attacks frequently compromise personal and business data, and it is critical to respond quickly and effectively when security breaches occur. One of the benefits of having an incident response capability is that it supports responding to incidents systematically (i.e., following a consistent incident handling methodology) so that the appropriate actions are taken. Incident response helps personnel to minimize loss or theft of information and disruption of services caused by incidents. Another benefit of incident response is the ability to use information gained during incident handling to better prepare for handling future incidents and to provide stronger protection for systems and data. An incident response capability also helps with dealing properly with legal issues that may arise during incidents.

We have the capabilities to gathering all the data, analyzes, tests and gives a conclusion. These results tell us who attacked, to what specific target or motives, where it took place, when it took place, how it happened, and why it was attacked. Our knowledgeable staff of security analysts have the capability to provide all aspects of the Incident Response life cycle, which includes the following process.

Incident Response NIST 800-61r2

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