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Vulnerability ResearchSpentera publishes security advisories about vulnerabilities we discovered or identified through our security research in accordance with our vulnerability disclosure policy. It is our way of giving something back to the security community.


Centreon Enterprise Server (menuXML.php) Blind SQL Injection Vulnerability
12 December 2012, Tom Gregory

PC Media Antivirus Insecure Library Loading Vulnerability
5 December 2012, Mada R. Perdhana

SmadAV 9.1 Null Pointer Dereference Vulnerability
13 November 2012, Mada R. Perdhana

Trend Micro Control Manager SQL Injection Vulnerability
27 September 2012, Tom Gregory

webERP <=4.08.4 SQL Injection Vulnerability
17 September 2012, Tom Gregory

Trend Micro InterScan Messaging Security Suite Multiple Vulnerabilities
13 September 2012, Tom Gregory

EzHomeTech EzServer <=6.4.017 Stack Overflow Vulnerability
18 June 2012, Tom Gregory

Hexamail Server <= 4.4.5 Persistent XSS Vulnerability
03 June 2012, Tom Gregory

Distinct TFTP Server <=3.10 Directory Traversal Vulnerability
13 April 2012, Tom Gregory

gtAkademik Gamatechno SQL Injection and Persistent Cross-site Scripting Vulnerability
20 February 2012, Mada R. Perdhana, Hanny Haliwela


CyberLink Multiple Products Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities
9 December 2011, Tom Gregory

Aviosoft Digital TV Player 1.x Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
8 November 2011, Tom Gregory

ScriptFTP <=3.3 Remote Buffer Overflow (LIST) Vulnerability
20 September 2011, Tom Gregory

MelOnPlayer 1.0.11.x Denial of Service Vulnerability
9 September 2011, Tom Gregory

gtAkademika Academica Gamatechno Unrestricted File Upload Vulnerability
31 May 2011, Mada R. Perdhana

FTPGetter <= Remote Buffer Overflow (PASV)
3 February 2011, Tom Gregory

QuickShare File Server <=1.2.1 FTP Directory Traversal Vulnerability
3 February 2011, Tom Gregory


httpsBlitz Web Server Denial of Service Vulnerability
24 December 2010, Hanny Haliwela

SolarFTP 2.0 Denial of Service Vulnerability
16 December 2010, Tom Gregory

FAQMasterFlex 1.2 SQL Injection Vulnerability
4 October 2010, Mada R. Perdhana

BS.Player <=2.56 Denial of Service Vulnerability
28 September 2010, Tom Gregory

MediaHuman Music Converter <=1.0.1 Denial of Service Vulnerability
17 September 2010, Tom Gregory

A-PDF All to MP3 Converter v.1.1.0 Local Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
16 September 2010, Tom Gregory

Batch Audio Converter <=1.0.0 Local Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
16 June 2010, Tom Gregory