Red Team Assessments are the most comprehensive IT security assessment for your organization’s overall security posture. Unlike penetration tests, whose objective is to find as many vulnerabilities as possible, Red Teams have a more targeted approach, trying to access sensitive information in the most quiet way possible, and is usually done with the knowledge of only few of the staff.It is therefore used to test an organization’s response capability and to conclude whether your organization has what it takes to prevent an elaborate attack. Another important aspect that distinguishes Red Teams from penetration testing is that such assessments are not for everyone.

Our Approach

They should be performed by organizations who:

  • Have mature security posture in terms of people, process and technology.
  • Have been conducting pentests on a regular basis and desire a different approach and picture.
  • Want to test the incident response capability.
  • Want to see how valuable the organization is to the eyes of the attacker.
  • Want to measure what long-term impact of a successful attack will have on the organization.

Below are the steps in conducting a Red Team assessment:

  • Decide who or what the goal / target is.
  • Attack the organization’s IT environment, not only to reach the target but also to gain knowledge of the environment.
  • Use advanced social engineering (both physical and technical).
  • During the attack, we try to minimize the impact or damage to the business.

Who need this?

The Organization who want to testing the preparedness of your incident respond team capability.

The Organization who has been conduct pentest on scheduled basis and want a different and deep testing approach.

The Organization who want to testing the preparedness of your incident response team(blue team).

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