A digital forensics investigation is a sophisticated, technology-based approach to identifying malicious or accidental misuse of company IT systems and sensitive customer or corporate data. Such an investigation will evaluate the nature of a security breach, determine the impact on the company, guard against it happening again, as well as provide evidence of misuse if necessary. Investigations can range from researching malicious attacks from outside the company, employee misuse of corporate assets or data – whether accidentally or for their own personal gain – and loss of intellectual property via internal or external threats.

Our Approach

Spentera digital forensics team perform the analysis based on various objectives, such as, discovery of perpetrator location, their identification and damaged instances which may involve different technologies like servers, laptops, portable media, mobile phones and backup devices. We pursue the latest anti-forensic challenges and resolve data recovery, data theft, criminal activities, fraud investigation and illegal content violations that occur within the organization policies. Collecting all set of evidence by logging malicious, technical or accidental activity under industry approved guidelines can help the organization to step forward with legal action. Our consultants apply the industry best practices, guidelines and specialized evidence handling procedures to meet the needs of all sized customers. A final report contains the details of the investigation process and the evidence collected.

Computer Forensic Services

Spentera’s computer forensic Service offerings enable customers to better understand their forensic readiness, and react quickly to any potential security incident. These services include:


Forensic Readiness Assessment

Spentera’s consultants help companies identify the appropriate policies, procedures and technologies that should be implemented in order to build a security framework that will support a forensic investigation in the future. IT organizations that perform a readiness assessment, and make forensics part of an overall incident response plan, are better prepared to identify issues and react quickly to an unforeseen breach, thereby lessening the impact on the company.

Digital Forensics Investigation

In the event of a security incident Spentera performs a complete investigation, leveraging proven best practices to ensure the integrity of the investigation. Results are reported back and data is presented in a format designed to provide the customer with comprehensive evidence. Our report also includes recommendations on how to prevent the incident from happening again.

Proactive Security Remediation and Forensics Service

Spentera offers an annual proactive forensics service which bundles in a readiness assessment as well as guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in response to any security incident that might occur during that period. This helps customers demonstrate their security due diligence from a compliance standpoint, can mitigate unplanned expenses related to a security incident and ensures a rapid response. In addition it provides clients a kind of insurance policy against any major security breach and guarantees a response according to the terms of their SLA.

Data recovery

Data recovery services are needed when a high-value data is accidentally deleted, erased by viruses, damaged and corrupt, overwritten by another file, or removed with a specific purpose. There are 2 methods on data recovery techniques, software-based recovery and hardware-based recovery.

This service covers only logical damage, where the damage occurs only at the operating system level.

Phase 1: Drive Imaging

Phase 2: Logical recovery

Phase 3: Repair damaged files

Forensic Data Analysis


It examines structured data with regard to incidents of financial crime. The aim is to discover and analyse patterns of fraudulent activities. Data from application systems or from their underlying databases is referred to as structured data.

In order to analyze large structured data sets with the intention of detecting financial crime it takes at least three types of expertise in the team: A data analyst to perform the technical steps and write the queries, a team member with extensive experience of the processes and internal controls in the relevant area of the investigated company and a forensic scientist who is familiar with patterns of fraudulent behaviour.

Has valuable data disappeared? Photos, Tax returns, Documents, Databases, Emails? If acted upon quickly most data can easily be recovered with the proper techniques. Our Forensic experts possess the skills and software necessary to make your data recovery possible.

Who need this?

The Organization with mature IT security implementation over people, process and technology and want to test that implementation.

The Organization who has been conduct pentest on scheduled basis and want a different and deep testing approach.

The Organization who want to testing the preparedness of your incident respond team capability.

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